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The first contest.

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The first contest. Empty The first contest.

Post  Kage2314 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:28 pm

This is a roblox contest.The prize is only 5 robux but its still a start.Also as some of you may have seen there are three new groups dedicated to contests. everyone will go into contest enrterer just for trying, the person who gets second will get runner-up, and the winner gets to be in their very own group for now.

The thyme of this contest is....... hmmmmmm....... who ever can make the best fighting map and there will be a presintation on it so you have to go there with me or you will only get 1/2 of the score you could have gotten. until i can find a squad of votes for now i am the person who picks the winner, ect.Good luck!
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